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Vote Derral Reynolds

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Your donation will help us defend our State, Jobs, Schools and Families. You can make a difference in our fight to Take Missouri Back!

To send us a donation by check, money order or cashier’s check

  1. Make payment to Vote Derral Reynolds
  2. Write campaign donation on the memo line

Vote Derral Reynolds
P.O. Box 734
Bolivar, MO 65613

Your donation will help us defend our State, Jobs, Schools and Families. You can make a difference in our fight to Take Missouri Back!

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My Promise and Mission for You

What I Believe

My Plans

I will investigate and review the policies that South Dakota implemented. From there I will reuse and/or draft up bills for Missouri that will model the good practices implemented by South Dakota and give Missouri a powerhouse economy that will benefit our citizens and state. 


Between 2012 and 2015, Missouri saw significant out-migration, losing roughly 5,000 to 7,000 residents annually. However, since 2019, there has been a steady inflow of migrants, peaking with 11,178 in 2021. From 2012 to 2021, Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) outflows exceeded inflows by 3.9%, indicating an overall outflow of income from Missouri. A negative net AGI in Missouri implies that higher-income earners are leaving the state, while relatively lower-income individuals are arriving.
These statistics demonstrate the need to attract Christian and Conservative companies move their business into Missouri. Better jobs with more pay. We can restart the economy by adding higher paying jobs. This will also attract good people to move to our state. Good examples of this strategy are South Dakota and Tennessee. We can learn from their experience and implement those processes in Missouri.
South Dakota has seen unprecedented growth over the last several years. New data from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis shows that South Dakota ranks in the top 5 for growth in both gross domestic product (GDP) and personal income.
South Dakota’s GDP grew by 11% since this time last year. The state had the second largest GDP growth in the nation, nearly double the national growth rate of 6.1%.

Total personal income grew by 9.2% in the last year, putting us among the top five U.S. states. Again, South Dakota nearly doubled the national personal income growth rate of 5.1%.

These new numbers come when South Dakota’s unemployment is already the lowest in the American history at 1.9%.


My Plans

I plan to start repairing Rural Healthcare by making it mandatory that, when receiving treatment, those without insurance, get signed up for Medicaid. This practice would result in the federal government paying 90% of the costs. Missouri would drop to 10%, while significantly increasing revenue for health care providers. This should be our first and foremost focus to address the problem. It not only addresses the cost, it addresses the lack of revenue, as well. 


Rural areas have different healthcare challenges than cities and suburbs. Hospitals and clinics struggle to make ends meet and find doctors willing to live and work nearby. Many specific medical issues such as mental health and drug abuse are more severe in rural areas. We need to devote more attention and resources to getting rural residents access to affordable, high-quality healthcare.

This is a challenging problem to overcome, but a critical one.
We can start by ensuring those who cannot afford healthcare are on Medicaid by having hospital/clinic administrators and social workers assist in the completion of those applications, this will transfer most of the burden of costs for insurance to the federal government and medical costs to insurance. Hospitals have an interest in getting paid and they should help in the process.
We can look into how the state can be more effective in supplying medical services, possibly opening state funded free clinics in the poorer areas of the state for those who don’t have insurance. The clinic would help them complete the Medicaid application and get signed up for health insurance as a mandatory action for service. They could supply transportation to nearby hospitals for more advanced needs.
We could incentivize heath care professionals with real estate buy downs of distressed properties. This works well in the big cities to get emergency personnel to move into undesirable and high crime neighborhoods.
There are many things that can be done. The correct answer will be found in a deep analysis of the “root cause” and that’s where we should start. We should not start with addressing the end result, that’s just putting a band aid on the issue – no pun intended! 😊

My Plans

We can start with implementing school choice. This allows you the parents to decide if your child goes to public or private school. But, instead of you paying for that school, we will move the funds paid to public school to the private school where you enroll your child. This will also include Christian schools, as well. What this will do is "force" public schools to drop their social agendas and "actually" teach what they are supposed to teach OR go out of business. This will put the parents in the driving seat for what schools teach your children. 

Sobering Statistics for Missouri

  • In 2016, about 1 in 10 students in the state attended a low-performing school.
  • Less than half of Missouri’s school children are proficient in Math.
  • Only two-thirds are proficient in English.
  • Missouri is the only state in the nation with a growing proficiency gap on NAEP tests.
  • Missouri has the seventh lowest rate in the nation of students scoring a three or higher on an AP exam.
  • Only 15 % of Missouri business owners believe that Missouri high schools are preparing students for the workplace.
    • In the 2022-2023 school year, 76.6% of Missouri students attended class at least 90% of the time. Missing more than 10% of school days is the benchmark for chronic absenteeism.
    • Thousands of students in Missouri and Kansas have left public school in the last four years, in line with a national trend of more families disengaging from public education.
    • Surging violence in our schools, at all grade levels.

These are terrible statistics. In fact, the benchmarks are set too low. Our educators have been lowering those bars for years, trying to hide their failures with our children. In reality, the school system is much worse than the numbers show. Our schools today focus on teaching social agendas, like gender confusion. They have removed basic skills like we were taught in school decades ago. We need to get back to teaching the truth. No more social agendas and historical lies like Critical Race Theory (CRT) and the 1619 project misrepresenting what the founding of America was based on and promoting radical racism against white people.  We need to be teaching topics like; reading, math, science, history, auto mechanic and handyman skills, budgeting in the real world, home economics and caring for families, resume and job-hunting skills – things that are practical and needed for everyday life. We also need to teach some courses on common sense and logic. Bring prayer and the pledge of allegiance back to school. The bible belongs in every school library. Today, they only allow child porn, satanic and pagan bibles, as well as other material we do not want our children exposed to. We must train our children to provide a bright future for Missouri and America or our country and their families, or all will be lost.

I will support school choice, not only does it give parents the option for better schools and environments to send their children for learning, it will force our public schools to clean up their act or close due to lack of students. There is no valid reason for parents to allow public schools to continue as they have been in the past. Either educate our children properly or go out of business when we move the kids to good private schools.


My Plans

First and foremost, Missouri belongs to the legal citizens of our state, not illegal immigrants.

  • Cutoff ALL incentives for them to come to our state. We can do this by ending ALL social program handouts and ALL programs for illegals in the state of Missouri.
  • Penalize any company that hires them.
  • Put the criminals in jail.
  • Pass a bill to remove anchor babies' citizenship in our state.  
  • Load them up and drop them off in Mexico, not where they came from, this will prompt Mexico to seal their southern borders. Of course, we'll need the border secured to avoid their re-entry.

Sadly, we treat illegal immigrants better than we treat our own veterans and elderly. This is a shame for America. 




Illegal immigration affects your wallet costing Missourians over $446 million last year. They bring drugs, sex trafficking and crime into our cities, violence and gangs to our schools. They drain our social programs and health care system. And these are financial and criminal costs that can be measured.

There are many other non-tangible costs, like anger and hate of America. Pushing nationalism and culture of their origin countries. Refusal to assimilate into our culture and become Americans themselves. Religious intolerance of all but their own religion, a prime example is middle-eastern illegal immigrant muslims.

And most serious of all, the demography of illegal immigrants since Biden took office has swung significantly to “military age males” and “terrorists” who are an extreme risk to American citizens. Mental institutions, jails and prisons have been sending their occupants to our border bringing with them the problems they cause to society. 

Illegal immigrants pose a clear and present danger to Americans and the citizens of Missouri! 

My Plans

Some people think... Missouri’s transportation system needs more funding. Raising more taxes is never the answer. The answer is effective spending of the money our state already has. We can do this through stronger competitive bids, reduction of waste, federal grants, focused improvements on locations developing new business to generate more income and growth, and ensuring farms have good roads to run their operations.



My Plans

  • I will support programs to keep farm kids on the farms with loan and education incentives.
  • I will work to keep large corporations from buying up all our farm land and operations, so local people can continue to proved produce and food for Missourians and keep local citizens employed.
  • I will work to find solutions to help address the drought problems that have been an issue for the last few years and  see how we can best help our agriculture industry.
  • I will help local farms and agriculture businesses remain profitable through innovative programs for wholesale and retail sales, raising livestock and produce, loan support and educational opportunities.



The barrier to getting young people in into agriculture for the next generation continues to be primarily capital investment. Commodity leaders put their heads together to address specific scenarios to allow next-generation farmers to launch a profit and keep farming operations in the family.

This is an issue not only for Missouri, but also our entire nation, as many farmers and ranchers leave the lifestyle. Their children are moving off the land to take other jobs elsewhere because of the difficulty in the work load, long hours and ability to make a living. We must address this problem before it’s too late.


  • One of the most important environmental, economic and social issues confronting agricultural communities is the future structure and practices of the livestock industry.
  • The issue is whether livestock will be dispersed across the countryside on a variety of farms typified by local family ownership managing diversified farm operations, or produced in large, energy and capital-intensive confinement facilities that concentrate the animals and their wastes in vast quantities and concentrate economic power, wealth and control in the hands of a few absentee and foreign corporations.

More corporate farms are not the answer Missouri needs. We need family farms and ranches. We must help our farmers and ranchers increase their profit margins through innovative approaches and programs. We need to move from genetically modified products to organic produce and products that are healthier for consumers.


My Plans


    • Support every mother through pregnancy.
    • Make adoptions cheaper and easier.
    • End abortion.


Overall Safety

    • Create legislation that strengthens the family unit and home.
    • Mandatory life sentences for sex trafficking and pedophilia.
    • End arrest and release policies.
    • Lock up repeat offenders.
    • Prosecute all crimes, regardless of color, social agenda or personal positions of power.
    • Remove non-productive laws and focus on the real problems.


Keeping our kids safe

    • I will work on the schools, crime and other areas to remove the indoctrination and predators going after our children.
    • End violence and disruptive behavior of children in school, by transferring them to an alternative school or expelling them.
    • Allow children to attend better schools through school choice. 
    • End social agenda and gender confusion in schools. 
    • Outlaw all sex modifications through drugs or surgery until the age 21.


Protect our God given rights

    • Gun ownership.
    • Right to protect our own families.
    • Right to privacy.
    • Stop interference from the federal and state governments.
    • The right to life for all people; mentally and physically handicapped and elderly. 

My Plans

  • Block Federal mandates, like COVID enforcement in our state.
  • If a Federal law or mandate violates the US Constitution or Bill of Rights, do not honor its enforcement in Missouri.
  • Replace Missouri income taxes with a flat tax rate for all net income levels personal, business and corporate.
    • Eliminate state tax returns.
    • Eliminate deduction loopholes.
    • All income will be taxed equally, drastically increasing the overall tax burden on the middle class because corporations will be paying their fair share of taxes.
    • Close the tax division of the department of revenue saving millions in cost.
  • Remove state sales tax, it’s a double taxation
    • Close the state tax division, saving millions in cost.
  • Other taxes
    • Remove personal taxes, 
    • Revise property taxes or remove them. 

End foreign property ownership in Missouri and restrict large foreign business from taking over our private business sectors and putting Missourians out of business, such as agriculture.

The enemy has invaded our land
It’s time to take a stand
We give no quarter, allow no slack
Join with me, let’s Take Missouri Back

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Derral Reynolds grew up on ranches in Colorado and Wyoming where he learned the value of hard work. He finished high school in 1977. Derral and Londa were married in 1978 and began a family of three children. Currently, have been married for 46 years with grandchildren living in Colorado and Missouri. Derral began a career in commercial construction as a carpenter, often working as a certified welder in many trades. It wasn’t long before he was running commercial construction jobs from a foreman to supervisor. Work moved Derral and his family to Pennsylvania, and California over the years. After reaching the full period needed to vest retirement, Derral went back to college, where he earned 3 degrees from 3 different universities in the span of 2-years by taking double the credit hours. With a family to raise, there wasn’t time for delays. Directly out of graduate school he was hired by IBM as the highest paid student from CSU in 1996. From there Derral was hired by EDS and moved to Missouri in 1999. Derral and his family have remained in Missouri to this day. In his free time, Derral is a writer, ministers in jails, volunteers as a fireman/Chaplin, helps the homeless, visits children in the hospital and evangelizes online, as well as on the street. Derral works to support good causes, like prolife and cleaning up our school system! Derral has the diverse background and experience that will bring a solid Christian Conservative perspective to Jefferson City. He has worked in many roles; from a ranch hand to a top executive in the board room of a mega corporation. Derral is a leader. He has the skills needed for state legislature. He can effectively interface with powerful people at all levels and get things done. Derral has substantial experience dealing with large scope issues and detailed needs. He knows how to bring different personalities together in one united goal. Derral will get things done. Derral sees value in the backbone of our country and state – people like you. He supports us, the hard-working middle class of America. Real Americans! He will support you in the face of all adversaries. You can depend on him to stand his ground and Take Missouri Back!


Missouri State Representative Candidacy


Patriot Academy Coach

Patient Advocate – Cox Radiology and Oncology
Co-founder President - Queen City Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International chapter


Conquered Cancer


Retired - Social Security

Jail and hospital ministry


International Christian Television Show Host

82 countries 236 million homes


Retired - Electronic Data Systems (EDS)


Retired - Hewlett Packard (HP)

Online ministry
Homeless support
Pro-life causes
School board concerns


Darla Jade and the Balance of the Universe

Young Adult Runner up for Novel of the Year


Children’s Picture Books

Ant Picnic
Sidewalk Chalk


Program Manager - Hewlett-Packard (HP)


Moved to Missouri

Director - Electronic Data Systems (EDS)


Project Manager - International Business Machines (IBM)

MBA Technology Management - Colorado State University
BA Computer Information Systems - University of Northern


A.A. – Aims Community College


Retired - Carpenters Union


Supervisor - Moved to California



President - Commercial Construction, moved to Pennsylvania


Married the love of his life – Londa

Who’s Who in American Writing


Commercial Construction


Grew up on ranches – Colorado and Wyoming


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The enemy has invaded our land
It’s time to take a stand
We give no quarter, allow no slack
Join with me, let’s Take Missouri Back
Derral Reynolds

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